Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A Little Haul

Hey Everyone!

I haven't done a haul in a really long time and they are one of my favourite things. It is a short and simple haul as recently I have been too busy to even browse for clothes (I know its quite shocking). I also don't buy as much clothes as I used to because I don't really need more clothes so whenever I buy clothes I do always make sure to either donate old clothes to charity or my sister.
Giving to charity or a relative is a very good practice. It's like every purchase you make you get rid of something, maybe something you're finally willing to give away after years of not wearing it.

I will warn you that most of these clothes  are either lounge wear or pyjamas..

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

So Sparkly

Hey Everyone!

I wore an outfit on New Year's Eve that I didn't get to share but it is the most sparkly outfit I have ever worn. It is very out there and something I would never wear again but I was wrong. I wore it again, out and got compliments for it which doesn't always happen. I guess a sparkly outfit can't be ignored in the dark..

Thursday, 8 March 2018

A Little Update

Hey Everyone,

I haven't posted on this blog for a few months now and I'm sorry. I thought I'd update those who are still here and to let you know that there are still going to be posts but maybe not as frequent (hopefully every other week).

I am still at university. I don't know how I'm still here after all the times I thought about quitting, its hard but I'm still going through with it. I mainly stopped posting on this blog because I got a lot of assignments. I still have a few more to do but they shouldn't be as difficult as the previous ones (you don't even want to know how much I disliked reading and writing about macropore flow in soils).

Living in London became more real. I realised it is really hard to meet people who are nice and actually want to be your friend. It's weird how people go to a certain place just to get an insta pic. People literally spend money to get into a place just for a picture and likes. I might be the only one who finds this weird but it seems forced and definitely not fun if you're just trying to get the right angle or lighting the whole night.

I changed my diet. I'm now plant-based. I don't eat honey but I don't want to say I'm vegan just yet. I personally found it easy to become plant-based because I never really liked dairy. Pizza, although, was pretty hard to give up and finding alternative is soooo expensive :(
I went to Madeira for Christmas, turned 19 but missed the fireworks. It was very hard being plant-based so I definitely did mess up somewhere. I never miss up being vegetarian though. I also need to mention the flight on the way back.. my anxiety did not love the 4 hours of turbulence, what a way to start 2018.

Currently, there is a strike going on which means all of my lectures have been cancelled. I've signed petitions and all to help it end but it seems like I might not have another taught class until next year. I haven't been this bored in months, I miss being busy. All I do is eat out of a cereal box and buy clothes (at least there will be a haul sometime soon). Don't worry I still love clothes more than anything, that'll never change!

I have a lot to write about and I cannot wait to share it with you guys!


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Winter Coat

Hey Everyone!

I decided to make a purchase this year that I haven't done in years which is buying a new winter coat. I have 2 other winter coats that I have been wearing for years, literally since I was 13, so I thought I would buy and wear something different this winter.

I went for a long black coat with a masculine coat from Bershka. I'm pretty short so going for a long coat was surprising. I remember trying it on in store and just falling in love with the fit and look..
Coat - Bershka